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Standard Units

First article from the DKA family to win the prestigious Mercury Award for the “Push-to-Close” locking mechanism. The “Push-to-Close” is an all-time favourite and “must-have” feature among cabin crew due to the ease of operation and durability.

An improved version that is 14% lighter in empty weight EcoLite® GEN2 Standard Unit is now available.

Available in ATLAS, KSSU and Non-standard. Full, Half and customised size.

Empty Weight from 2.4kg

the EcoLite® GEN2 Standard Unit is versatile and comes with these customisable options:

Anodised, powder coated or graphic design on door panel

Card holder or writable surface on the door panel or even both

Options for customer logo: embossed / laser engraved
/ silkscreen / multi-colour polycarbonate

Different latch handle design