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Ultra Lightweight Series

DKA offers the lightest aluminium In-Flight Service Meal Carts in the market that are similar in empty weight to available composite trolleys; yet the cost is not as prohibitive.

DKA is pleased to introduce our EcoLite® Ultra Lightweight Meal Carts.

This proven generation of high performance aluminium meal carts was first launched in 2009 and tens of thousand units are currently in service.

Full Size Empty Weight from16.2kg, Max. Gross Weight 113.4kg

Half Size Empty Weight from10.2kg, Max. Gross Weight 68kg

The EcoLite® Meal Carts provide better thermal performance owing to optimal engineering construction using:

  • Door seal to minimize air leakage.
  • Thicker insulated foam side and door panels.
  • Insulated top and bottom panels.

Above all, these enhancements resulted in an overall reduction of heat loss for the EcoLite® .

The EcoLite® Meal Carts are also mechanically fastened in assembly for easy and affordable long term maintenance which brings down the total cost of ownership for our users.